Mama Meal Train was created with a passion for new moms and moms of newborns, and a desire to offer support during one of the most trying yet beautiful times in a woman's life. 

My postpartum days with our first son were anything but easy for me. As we all have our own different struggles - whether it's recovering from surgery or traumatic births, breastfeeding, failure to thrive, mastitis, colicky babies, jaundice babies, postpartum depression or anxiety - I definitely felt like I was "in the thick of it" for a very long time. Luckily, I had (have) family and friends nearby that set up a meal train for us, and we got meals delivered to our home for the first few weeks after I gave birth. It was so nice to know that was one very important thing we didn't have to worry about!

As I was reflecting back on that time one day, (as I do so many days), I thought about the mothers and families that come home from the birthing center or hospital or even home birth and don't have family nearby, or don't have family that can bring them warm, home cooked meals. Then I thought, well how I can help them?

I'm passionate about women's health, and especially their health and well being during the pregnancy and postpartum periods. I thought this would be a very tangible and realistic way for me to spread some love and share some support with the women in my community. I cannot do it alone though, that's where you (the volunteers) come in! As we continue to build our group of volunteers, we can offer more and more new mamas the wholesome, nourishing meals they so deserve and need!


Nicole Trujillo
Founder + Coordinator

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